Chose the right foods for your brain.

What is forfood?

It is a forbrain product. It recommends you healthy foods to enhance your cognitive skills.

Why it is necessary?

  • To enhance your cognitive skills
  • To increase your processing speed
  • To boost your awareness and attention
  • To speed up your metabolism for a more powerful brain
  • To regulate blood circulation and to ease the blood flow to your brain
  • To prevent the free radicals which kills the brain cells
  • To reduce the anxiety and uneasiness
  • To prevent the age-related brain mulfunctions
  1. Your brain is %2 of your total body weight.

  2. On the other hand, it consumes %20 of your energy.

Who needs?

  • Children who are in the growing period
  • The youth who want to boost their academic performance
  • Those who work under intense stress
  • Those who want to strengthen their memory
  • The people who work for long hours
  • Those who actively participate to multiple projects
  • The people whose jobs require more focus and attention
  • Those who always want to keep the brain age young
  • Those who want to construct their daily nutrition intended to support cognitive skills

How forfood works for you?

  • forfood determines your basic needs that are necessary to make your mental skills more effective.

  • After determining those needs, you will be given a diet program designed specially for your brain's need by our brain experts and nutritionists.

  • The effects of this nutrition model on the mental skills are monitored through the tests.

  • Necessary actions like addition of new foods or dropping some of the existing food will be taken immediately.

  • The Amino acids : Makes a more balanced mood and increases the speed of thought.

  • The essential fatty acids : Improves memory, makes the mind more alert and vigorous. Prevents the decline in mental skills which causes by aging. Reduces depression and anxiety state.

  • Choline : Foods that contain choline reduces the loss of memory.

  • Iron : Unbalanced ratio of iron in the body leads to confusion and difficulties in learning.

  • Vitamin B: Improves memory and prevents the decline in mental skills which causes due to aging.

  • Vitamin E : Eliminates the state of lethargy and depression.

  • GABA : Reduces the stress and depression.

  • Carbohydrate : Provides a more energetic and powerful memory.

  • Simple sugar : The brain’s source of energy.

forfood individualizes your diet by using foods, teas and spices to enrich your cognitive capacity along with the brain chemistry.