What is formath?

A math learning model designed by forbrain which teaches mathematics and concepts while improving their cognitive skills and numeric skills through the new learning strategies.

Why it is necessary?

  • To establish a link between mathematical concepts

  • To resolve the misconceptions in mathematics

  • To learn not to memorize

  • To use the language and terminology of math in an effective and appropriate way

To enhance your mathematical knowledge and make them permanent

  • To overcome fear of mathematics

  • To overcome test anxiety

To increase self–confidence

  • To develop problem solving skills

  • To develop effective note-taking and listening skills in mathematic courses

  • To apply the technique of testing

  • To use time in a right way in exams

  • To solve questions faster

To develop mathematical skills

  • To use the learned math background in different lessons

  • To analyze quickly and be able to get the right solutions to the challenges faced in real life

To apply mathematics in real life

To improve academic achievement
To get a higher score in the college and university entrance exams

Why is it necessary? For whom? How it works?

For 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12th grade students

  • Determine your goal

  • Determine your needs

  • Mathematical knowledge

  • Math error analysis

  • Numeracy (Mathematical skills)

  • Speed

  • Solving problem

  • Attention

  • Testing techniques

  • Learning and studying strategies for math

  • Individualized math education

  • Academic achievement / University entrance exam

If your goal is to enter to the university that you want with a degree, then do not postpone the preparation for the university exam to the senior class. Start now with formath!

‘‘Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.’’
Galileo Galilei