Are you ready to meet with your brain!

What is fortest?

Fortest is a forbrain product that measures and evaluates your cognitive skills with worldwide recognized tests and methods and designs individualized programs for you.

Who needs fortest?

  • Students

  • Adults

  • Corporate(s)

How it works?

It measures the levels of your cognitive skills and proficiency in learning which you’re using at school, at work and in daily life. It evaluates and suggests the programs specially designed for you by providing the necessary monitoring and support services to exceed your limits and to reach your goals.

You can not define something unless you measure it.
You can not manage something unless you define it.
You can not improve something unless you manage it.

It is hard to watch your kids when they are struggling in the school. Even harder if you don’t know the facts that cause to the learning difficulties. Do not waste your time by trying to figure out the facts.
Visit fortest to find out the facts.

How a brain learn?
How your brain learns?
Visit fortest to find out your brain skills.