Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.


An inquisitive and implementing learning center with the vision of determination and improvement of the cognitive skills.

Every human being has a potential. forbrain boosts your potential and guarantee you to make a difference.

Your cognitive skills show an increase from the womb to the thirties in the natural growing period. After ages up to thirties, a standstill period and a period of regression takes place. With the effective use of digital imaging systems like MRI for last 20 years, it is shown that the brain is trainable like any other muscle in the body and our cognitive skills are improvable at any age.

with forbain natural period

forbrain guarantees you to improve your cognitive skills at any age.


To determine the functioning of your brain areas, the strong and the weak points of your cognitive skills and to reveal your differences

To increase your academic success
To enhance your IQ
To concentrate in every environments and in any circumstances
To concentrate easily and extend the concentration time
To strengthen your memory
To memorize easily that everything you saw, heard and read
To boost your faster thinking and decision making skills


To improve your mathematical intelligence, knowledge and skills and to increase your academic success


To use your right and left brain lobes together and in balance


To determine the nutrients that your brain needs and increase your cognitive skills by nutritional support


To add a joy to the improvement process of your cognitive skills with playing games without any time and place restrictions

You can boost your potential in every area below.

Better school

Better job

Better income

Test it

fortest specifies your cognitive skills and your individual differences with recognized worldwide valid and reliable measurement tools and recommends programs according to your needs and goals.

Apply it

You’re going to participate to a forbrain program or programs which suitable for your goals and the determined condition of your cognitive skills. You’ll notice the changes in you at most in a couple of weeks.

Test it

You’ll be having an evaluation and measurement test by fortest during and at the end of the program. Your test results will be shared with you at the end of the program.

Use it

You’ll continue to use the cognitive skills which you’ve gained and improved throughout the programs in your daily and professional life with awareness.

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