Take an action
for your brain!

What is forgym?

It is a forbrain product uses Kinesiology and Brain Gym that underlines the support of physical activities to the cognitive skills.

Why it is necessary?

  • To increase the interaction between the right and left lobes of the brain

  • To build awareness about the importance of pyhsical movement

  • To learn more easily and more faster

  • To improve focusing

  • To enhance concentration

  • To improve the organization skills

  • To enhance creativity and self-expression skills

For whom?

  • Children who are in the growing period

  • The youth who want to boost their academic performance

  • Those who work under intense stress

  • People who work for long hours

  • Those who actively participate to multiple projects

  • The people whose jobs require more focus and attention

  • Senior executives

How it works?

Through the systematic movements which activate the left and right brain lobes and increase the interactions between them.

Does the brain manage the body? Or vice versa? If the brain manages PACE, so what would you think if we reverse the process?

Children who are in the great physical shape can recognize the visual stimulants much faster than the ones who takes action occasionally.

Start your day with a very simple forgym movements!

  • Activating the hand-eye coordination. Increases the transactions between the left and right brain lobes.

  • Activating right and left hand coordination set up communication between the right and left lobes of the brain.

  • Think of your body as an X. The right brain lobe operates the left part of your body and the left brain lobe operates the right part of your body.

If you participate to a physical activity in your leisure times, the overall risk of developing dementia is reduced in half throughout your life.