The games are more serious than a game for forgames.

We claim that our games makes a flash of inspiration while you are having fun.

Mobilize many of your brain functions such as decision making, problem solving, concentration, tactics, organization, critical thinking, visual perception, abstract thinking and creativity by just playing games.

Meet with forgames now.

Rock Me Archimedes

Frontal cortex is the headquarter of your brain. Decision making skills and all of the strategic movements are managed from this center. Improve the frontal cortex and your critical thinking skills with rock me Archimedes.

The Brain Cube

Are you ready for a challenge to the new puzzle cube? This game designed by Jason Freeny, provides to improve your visual perception, problem solving ability, concentration and tactical perception skills.


Test and improve your decision making, organization and categorization skills while you play with this multi-featured toy.


Challenge to the frontal cortex that manages your problem solving skills with this strategy game. This game releases the neuroprotective units which slow the progression of Alzheimer disease.

Red Ball Of Whacks

This game is designed to reduce the stress and helps to improve your skills of moving little pieces, following, tracking them, problem solving, planning of the future (advance planning) and abstract thinking. Develops creativity and increases the processing speed of the brain.

Visual Brain Storms

The brainstorms riddles game helps you to develop your math skills, language, visual and reasoning skills. It stimulates many brain areas such as frontal, parietal, temporal and occipital lobes.

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